AgesandAges: “So So Freely”


It’s good to arrive to a song.  If it’s possible, you should walk into a room where a song is already playing.  If it’s the right song, it’s like walking into an airport terminal full of adoring fans.  “So So Freely” by Portland’s AgesandAges was playing when I got home today.  Apparently I forgot to detach the buttons and cords before I left.  Sorry Mother Nature.  But good ‘ol electricity was good to me, because in brief moments, wafting notes schlepped the work day off a’me.  “So So Freely” is full of lyrics of a protected seclusion.  But in that fortress of solitude, there are choirs of folk singers to entertain your whimsies.  It’s like a flock of birds swooping and diving all around the sky.  A collective freedom.  It’s a healthy dichotomy.
SoSoFreely – AgesandAges by PRS Free Music Fridays

AgesandAges have a new record out.  It’s called Alright You Restless.  You can stream it for free here.  Full of handclaps and choral wah-oooos it is.

agesandages (1) (Alright You Restless is available now from Knitting Factory)

[Agesandages Website] [Facebook] [Myspace]



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