Little Dragon: “Nightlight”

107Sweden’s Little Dragon is one of the kookiest hookiest bands I know of.  They’re simultaneously futuristic and classic with the way they mold their songs around familiar sounds with a sharp shiny edge.  That edge is usually what grabs your attention and sweeps you in.  It might be odd and new at first, but when you get to the meat of their music, it’s brilliant.  “Nightlight”, off of their forthcoming record, Ritual Union (out July 12th), is much the same way.  With a snake charmer’s seduction, and then a huge bass underlay, a wash of foreign scents flood your senses.  It may be too much at first.  But Yukimi Nagano’s vocals come and set an order and a pace.  And then “Nightlight” becomes one of the neatest tracks you’ll hear today.

Little Dragon – Nightlight by VeeAre

Little Dragon – Nightlight (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix) by Nialler9

In March, Little Dragon made their television debut on Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon.  They performed “Ritual Union” superbly.

Ritual Union Track List:

01 Ritual Union
02 Little Man
03 Brush the Heat
04 Shuffle a Dream
05 Please Turn
06 Crystalfilm
07 Precious
08 Nightlight
09 Summertearz
10 When I Go Out
11 Seconds

(Ritual Union  is available 7/12/11 from Peacefrog Records)

[Little Dragon Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]


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