The RiverBreaks: Get You Right

The RiverBreaks released their album, Get You Right, with a bang at their album release party on April 7th. Their style is hard to classify into one genre, as I posted about before, they have a range from rock, pop, folk, Americana and even a little gospel, all under southern rock roots. Their album starts off strong with “Strangers In The Hot Night” and “Piedmont,” (download these songs here). If you listen to these two songs you can tell that they would be fun to see live. Then they continue strong with “Bolin Creek,” a heartfelt gospel folk track and one of my favorite songs on the album,. “DTK” picks up the pace again about the life and times of Don Juan lead singer, Ryan Bailey. Don’t forget about their rousing country track “Since That Night,” that makes you want to do some knee slapping. In the last few songs, “Casco Viejo” stands out with smooth guitar riffs and a “Hotel California” sound, as well as the superb lyricism of “Latin American Bar Scene.” The great thing about this album is that the songs are solid from start to finish, unlike most albums where there are a few songs that I just don’t like.

If you are in the DC area, I would get familiar with this band because they are tearing it up. You can check out their next show on May 6th at Rock and Roll Hotel. Listen to their entire album here.

The RiverBreaks – “Bolin Creek ”
The RiverBreaks – Bolin Creek by The Wounded Jukebox

The RiverBreaks – “Casco Viejo”
The RiverBreaks – Casco Viejo by The Wounded Jukebox

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