Austra: “Beat and the Pulse (Vondelpark Remix)”

img00348-20100726-1808This post will be mostly about not Austra, but Vondelpark; the notoriously shy and sought-after rehasher.  Austra was wise to allow her fantastic “Beat and the Pulse” to fall into his hands.  The results are swell.  But it’s UN-recognizable now, with a tremendous sadness injected quite thoroughly throughout.  It’s like he lives with ghosts, and won’t allow the public to find him.  Else it become a spectacle.  Those ghosts permeate everything he makes; their wails and woes fly out your speakers on every track he creates and rearranges.  On Austra’s formerly fist-filled siren call, Vondelpark places, of all things, a tender-touched guitar as a centerpiece.  Only bits and pieces of the original vocals remain, as comments to the story mostly: background noise.  Yet it’s LUVLEE in every way.  Made by only someone who lives secretly can.  Someone with a bit of sun at his beck and call, and solitude always.  After listening, you’ll realize why Vondelpark should be the focus on this remix; an artist improving upon a given method.

Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Vondelpark Remix) by snipelondon

The original:

He has an EP, entitled Sauna.  It is very good.

Vondelpark – Jetlag Blue Version by gerard87

For more Vondelpark music and remixes, try here.

Sauna EP (The Sauna EP is available now from R&S Records)

[Vondelpark has no dedicated website -Shy see?- Read an interview with him here though]



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