Live Cuts: New Mumford & Sons |The Shins | Jeff Tweedy | Ryan Adams

Live CutsRecently, a number a great artists have debuted new projects and songs at their concerts and performances.  It’s a great way for them to test out a possible song, and a fantastic treat for the audience.  Read on for our first edition of Live Cuts.

Mumford & Sons – “Lover’s Eyes” (Live)

They made a huge television debut with Bob Dylan at this year’s Grammys, and their STILL on tour promoting their first and their great album Sigh No More.  But lately Mumford & Sons have been including a brand new song in their set list.  It’s from their yet unnamed second LP, due out late 2011.  They performed this recording of “Lover’s Eyes” in New York just recently.

The Shins – “Untitled”  (Live)

Fans of The Shins (me) have been waiting a loooooong time for the fourth record from the tender rockers.  Lead singer James Mercer has been busying himself with collaborations with Danger Mouse and the random solo performance.  There’s still no word when an album will be released, but Mercer and Shins drummer Joe Plummer unveiled a new song (“Honest Tool”?) from that LP at a benefit concert in Portland early this year.

Jeff Tweedy – “Born Alone”/ “Open Your Mind” (Live)

I’ve never said this on TWJ before, but Wilco is my favorite group of damaged angels on Earth.  I haven’t written about them, and I probably won’t.  Can’t seem to give away my feelings for them.  Needless to say, I’m very excited for their 2011 tentatively entitled Get Well Soon Everybody.  And they’re releasing in on their very own label, dBpm Records.  It’s a possible double-disc, with 20 (TWENTY) songs that will include a 14 minute blue-grass anthem with 10 verses.  Oh how Dylan “It’s Alright Ma’ I’m Only Bleeding”-esque.  Wilco has already announced a 7” due out in June, for a song called “I Might”.  It will include a bottom side cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label”.  And as said on their Facebook page, the 7” will first be available for purchase at Wilco’s own summer festival; Solid Sound.

BUT, we’ve gotten even more previews of what could be included, due to Jeff Tweedy’s recent and very short solo-tour.  This past April, Tweedy performed “Born Alone”, a soft meandering wonder, at Montreal’s Olympia Theater.  With lyrics like “I was born to die alone”, it fits right in with past Wilco material (Sky Blue Sky).
Jeff Tweedy (New Song, Live) by

And not much later, Tweedy appeared as a guest on Canadian television show, George Stroumboulopoulos (seriously?) Tonight.  He performed an intimate “Open Your Mind” on a beautiful beautiful guitar.

Ryan Adams – “Dirty Rain”/ “Untitled”/ “Untitled”/ “Untitled” (Live)

He’s planning a return to old form.  At least that’s what was evidenced by a recent surprise performance in Los Angeles where he opened for Emmylou Harris.  He performed a four-song set of entirely new material from his new record produced by Glyn Johns.  “Dirty Rain” is the only solid title we have, but the others have possible titles of “Ashes & Fire” and “Shining Thru The Dark”.
Ryan Adams – “Dirty Rain” (New Song, Live) by

Big thanks to DiS and Twenty Four Bit for the heads up!


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