Milo Greene: “1957”

milo_greeneWhy do folks in LA think they have all the time in the world?  Are they that relaxed because there’s absolutely nothing to worry about?  It’s probably not true, they most likely have quite a few things that cast the glare on their sunglasses.  But all the music coming out of that city has a sort of profound air of aimless wonder.  Wonder at everything new and bright and familiar.  The world can wait, but their drive to the shore with their friends simply cannot.  Milo Greene make that music while in the midst of that drive, collectively molding a song in the car and throwing it up into the wind, watching it blow away.  Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer,  Marlana Sheetz, Curtis Marrero and Graham Fink sing with four-part harmonies contained in Indie rhythms.

Milo Greene currently have about 12 songs to their name, and tour frequently around the LA area.  But no word yet on an album or plans of further releases.  Download “1957”, listen to “Don’t You Give Up On Me” and watch a great performance they did this past month at the Downtown loft.  For now, that’ll have to be enough.  But after you listen, you’ll realize that’s too much to ask.
Milo Greene – 1957 by buzzbands

Don’t You Give Up On Me by MiloGreene

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