Here We Go Magic: “Tulip”

normal_Here_We_Go_Magic_3The January EP, from whereat the hopping Billy goat of a song “Tulip” resides, is due out 5/10/11.  It is the best song on the EP.  You deserve a chance to hear it, and it is the only reason I wrote this post.

BUT, there is also a fantastic song entitled “Hands in the Sky” which is available for free and and no money and free, RIGHT NOW, which is really what you chaps are all about.  Shameful.  Your brain is a hard drive/song player too.  Be mind-FULL: really listen to a song today. Ok, free stuff now.
Here We Go Magic – Hands in the Sky by the beat farm

Here We Go Magic – Collector by musicmule

Local Natives – Sun Hands (Here We Go Magic Remix) by AndamosArmados

Here We Go Magic – Casual (Sun Airway remix) by Sun Airway

here-we-go-magic-the-january-ep (The January EP is available 5/10/11 from Secretly Canadian Records)

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