UPDATE! Fleet Foxes: “Grown Ocean” Video & mp3


Awhile back, Matt posted the video for “Grown Ocean,” one of the delightful tracks off Fleet Foxes’ new record Helplessness Blues. Well, now the album’s been out for nearly a week, and Sub Pop has made “Grown Ocean” available for free download. Check out Matt’s earlier post below, watch the video, and grab the song free!

And the fervor grows.  The new Fleet Foxes record, out now, is getting buzz upon buzz for the grand new style it presents.  Helplessness Blues isn’t just a rehash of their previous efforts, it’s a plain upon a mountain on top of a cloud of beautiful.  The title track was already released, and the album is being received with vicious applause.  Now we have a fun flannel-filled documentary video for the loop-de-loop “Grown Ocean”.  If there weren’t trees and winter hats in any setting the Fleet Foxes recorded in, I would have been terribly distraught.  Luckily, my mind’s eye was accurate and they do frolic in the wilderness.  Enjoy the self-titled track already released, the solo EP Robin Pecknold offered to fans, and then see the brand new video!

UPDATE!!! Sub Pop released “Grown Ocean” for free download today. Grab it below!

Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean by subpop

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues by subpop

Robin Pecknold – EP by Folk Radio UK

Enlarge, turn on the HD, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Fleet-Foxes-–-Helplessness-Blues (Helplessness Blues is available 5/3/11 via SubPop)

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