Video: Marissa Nadler – “Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning”

tumblr_lj71chB27d1qifk9ko1_500I’ve had this picture of Marissa Nadler saved on my desktop for 6 weeks, just waiting for any excuse to use it, and speak more about how ridiculously wonderful she is.  To me, her voice will be one of the century’s most mournful… and brilliant.  Her brand new video for single “Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning” (directed by Guy Benoit) gives us more face time with Marissa than fans have ever had before.  She frequently hides behind others in her clips, leaving the expression for others to interpret.  Perhaps with her eponymous album (out June 14th), she’s taking a bolder step forward, saying “This is ME.  Accept ME.”  Though I would suspect she would only offer a sweetly kind “Oh well.” if you chose not to.  But with the haunting reverence she coats every word in, the most common response is a mouth gaped in wonder.

You can buy her single for “Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning” for 1 buck, here.

In the process of recording, Marissa ended up with so many polished keepers (18) that she plans to release the 5th LP, and then a follow-up EP shortly after.  Seems downright logical to me.  Why would you trash ANYTHING this woman makes?  And if you pre-order Marissa Nadler before it’s release on June 14th, you’ll get an exclusive right to a digital download of a new covers collection Marissa has produced on the sly.  It won’t be available anywhere else afterwards, so hop on over to her site and place your name in the bin.  If you need a taste, you can listen to/download a slew of her past covers, here.

And I’ll be damned if this isn’t the sexiest video I’ve ever seen.

tumblr_lj71g3c4tC1qifk9ko1_500 (Marissa Nadler is available 6/14/11)

[Marissa Nadler Website] [Tumblr] [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [Twitter]


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