Wolf Gang: “Lions In Cages”

Maybe it’s the fact that, finally, the clouds have parted for a few days here in Ohio. The sun is shining, the warmth is gradually increasing, and the wonderful smells of humid air, oncoming thunderstorms and sweat is beginning to fill my nostrils. That might be why I’m gravitating toward the tunes that feel good blaring in the heat. It’s the kind of music that Wolf Gang happens to excel at.

Wolf Gang’s song “Lions In Cages” continues to get all kinds of buzz as people stumble upon it like I did on the band’s 5-song soundcloud sampler, and rightfully so. It chugs along with wonderful keyboards, synths and percussion, and a number of nicely woven vocal parts.  The sampler  features five tracks from the upcoming release of Suego Faults, which can be pre-ordered now and is out June 27. The bulky beats and catchy melody must be blared to be truly appreciated.

Lions In Cages by wolfgang

Here’s a neat remix of “Lions In Cages” by Memory Tapes!

Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages (Memory Tapes Remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

And check out this awesome video on the making of Suego Faults. It’s a cool behind-the-scenes look at the recording process.

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