Release The Sunbird: “Always Like The Son”

Wonderful news descended on our inbox just the other day: Zach Rogue, frontman and founder of Rogue Wave, will release an album of solo material on Brushfire Records on July 26 under the name Release The Sunbird. Word is, the songs on the forthcoming Come Back To Us will be reminiscent of the band’s albums prior to Permalight, which was met with mixed reaction from critics and even longtime fans.

Zach has always made music that wormed its way into my heart. From the initial spins of Rogue Wave’s first three records — Out of the Shadow, Descended Like Vultures and Asleep at Heaven’s Gate — my favorite songs were the simplest ones. The ones that put Rogue’s wonderful voice and gifted melodies front and center. Songs like “California” or “Catform,” “Be Kind + Remind” or “Lake Michigan.” I think Permalight resonated slightly less with me because it felt a little too artificial at times. Engineered rather than organic.

If the first taste of Zach’s Come Back To Us is any indication, fans that have loved Rogue Wave’s early work will indeed be delighted. It features lovely guitar and piano melodies woven together quite nicely, and Rogue’s understated croon is in full effect. The choice to go by the moniker Release The Sunbird seems an attempt to avoid defining this new music strictly as a side project or strictly solo work. Rogue came to a friend’s studio in Bloomington, Indiana with just pieces of songs, and left after interacting with a number of local musicians to create Come Back To Us. So the spark and songwriting is all his. The execution came from many.

Give “Always Like The Son” a listen, and visit HERE to get a free download of the song. It’s enough to get me excited about what this new project will sound like in its entirety.

Release The Sunbird – Always Like The Son by The Wounded Jukebox 

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  1. #1 by Penelope Lewis on July 29, 2011 - 6:38 PM

    looking forward to the next Rogue Wave album

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