Evy Duskey: “To Tell Me”

evy_charango_bluffsThe University of Miami Oxford was the only school (out of 7!) I was rejected from outright when I applied for college all those many years ago.  As I choose to believe: it’s a haven for best of the best.  Well, the chickadee songstress Evy Duskey thrives there.  Just recently graduated, where she moonlighted as a college radio DJ and became the recent crowned winner of the school’s annual Miami Idol competition, Ms. Duskey sings with lilting vocals and plays an exotic instrument called the Charango.  As she tells us, if a Mandolin and a Ukulele had a bebe and raised it up in Latin America, where it danced in the streets on moonlit nights and ate only the spiciest of foods, you would get a Charango.  It’s a dainty thing, and it supports her music perfectly.  Her song “To Tell Me” oozes longing for acceptance and spins it up in a 35mm recording of a carousel in the ‘50s.  It’s an open and bare emotion put on display carefree.

The Ohio artist tells us she plans to release more of her solo material in the next few months, but in June she’s actually moving to Buenos Aires to join with three Argentine gentleman to form a band bent on a Charango-led indie/folk rock invasion.  Full disclosure: we’ve been won over.  The Wounded Jukebox is her band’s forward base for infiltration into the States.

Evy Duskey – To Tell Me by The Wounded Jukebox

[Evy Duskey SoundCloud] [Facebook]



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