Buxter Hoot’n: “Blue Night”


Too. Much. Fun. To say.  Within “Blue Night”,  Buxter Hoot’n proves it’s a San Francisco band that highlights the best traditions from Northern Indiana and guitar blessings from Nels Cline.  The plain croon of Vince Dewald and the full-bodied accompaniment with Melissa Merrill give us a tune ready for all sorts of radio.  But it’s the gorgeous shredding by lead guitarist Ben Andrews throughout that butters my biscuit.  On the band’s third LP, In Another Life, (streamed free here) you get to hear plenty of it, alongside tender duets, folksy throw downs and gun love songs.  If you’re a fan of the Countrie (Country/Indie), you’ll enjoy what the illustriously named Buxter Hoot’n have to offer.

And if you decide to “Like” them on Facebook, you can get an exclusive song, “Night Life” for free!

Buxter Hoot'n In Another Life (In Another Life is available now)

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