Chad VanGaalen: “Peace on the Rise”


Once upon a time on Diaper Island, there lived a man.  That man rose early every morning, swept the forests clean and fed all the baby birds, leaving their parents to do nothing but sing and fly.  After all his labors for the day were done, he sat down in the late afternoon to stretch six branches between two Oak trees to strum and drum and eek a melody out of nature.  On one such a late afternoon, he created a mellow-ful tune and decided to name it for the saturated longings it evoked.  And whenever he played it, the smoke and smog and filth from all the cities would disappear from the air; never to reach his island, for instead of destruction, it was “Peace on the Rise”.

That man was, and is Chad VanGaalen.

His new album comes out today, and in celebration, Sub Pop is offering “Peace on the Rise” as a free download!  Grab it and “Sara”, a previously released single, also on the album.  What’s more, Chad has painted another of his custom videos, and within it are 13 hidden items.  If you find them all, you can win a special prize pack that includes all sorts of goodies!  More on that here.

Also, it’s a really neat video.

Chad VanGaalen – Peace on the Rise by subpop

Chad VanGaalen – Sara by subpop

ChadVanGaalen (Diaper Island is available now from Sub Pop)

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