Niki & The Dove: “The Fox”

Niki and the dove.For any that don’t already know, Malin Dahlström, the creative spearhead behind Stokholm’s Niki & The Dove is actually The Childlike Empress (Moon Child) from The Neverending story all grown up.  No?  No.  Not really.  That actress was actually my first crush ever (who released an album by the way) and I am still ever the prince that will find and protect and save and care for her.  YES, I am.  Dahlström’s voice has the same edge of vulnerability and the very same ability to call all boys of pubescent ages and older to ride white horses toward her rescue.  There’s a desperation: a NEEEED to get the gushing feelings inside, OUT.  Out before the palace crumbles around her.  “The Fox” is a mystical scene of an offered and waiting outstretched hand, framed by slices of Cello and stomps of Synth.  It’s a brilliant infusion of a dancing ‘80s montage, right in your keester.

If you don’t get IT at first, don’t worry.  Neither did I.  But somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd listen, the IT of the song and Niki & The Dove’s music will get YOU.

nicki (The Fox EP is available 6/14/11 from Sub Pop)

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  1. #1 by Nix on May 19, 2011 - 4:29 AM

    Oh, this is my kinda sound. Thanks!

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