Tyson: “Love’s On The Line”

It’s our pleasure here at TWJ to bring you another disco-pop gem from Tyson. I posted a few months back about his song “Out Of My Mind” and how it made me all weak in the knees and nostalgic for the 1980s. Tyson’s wonderful falsetto pipes are in full effect once again on the new single from his forthcoming LP, “Love’s On The Line.” This song is guaranteed to be buried deep in my mind for days.

The simple, chugging synth-born rhythm and keyboard accompaniment are just the kind of things that get people dancing. Once again, this song would fit PERFECTLY in any hot-blooded 80’s romance movie with a dramatic montage — one where things get all serious, and the only way for the filmmaker to move the story along is with clips of the main character coming of age. Last time, we gave you a quote from Tyson himself about his motivation for “Out Of My Mind.” Well, he’s got another philosophical take on his newest track, which you can download FREE below.

“I wanted to make a romantic thriller about the death of love. Love isn’t always flowers and chocolates and in my case it’s always been death. I just wanted to know if anyone else felt that way without it sounding all cliché.”

I don’t know much about Tyson. He’s based in London and makes awesome songs like this. Guess that’s all that matters.

Tyson – Love’s On The Line by PurplePR

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