Video: I’m From Barcelona – “Always Spring”


With an obscene amount of members that truly borders on musical perversion (can you find all the beards above?), Sweden’s I’m From Barcelona typically has fallen flat on my ears.  The collective depends too much on their gimmickry to weigh through the crowds of other Pop bands, but in the end two things hold them back: the lack of depth in the lyrics and the over inflation of STUFF on each song.  They solve one of these problems on their second single off of their Forever Today: “Always Spring”.  With stanzas like —I wanna be yes, I wanna be no, I want it all ya know– you might feel like an elementary class pens ideas for the group.  But with an over arching feeling of wild abandon and a video with gorgeous backdroppery, the sentiment of the song is what rises to the occasion.  The famous Scandinavian fields of yellow flowers are a place I’d gladly day-trip to, even if it means I’ll have to ride knee-to-knee in I’m From Barcelona’s overcrowded van.  Hopefully I’d get to sit next to the girl in seat 26.

I’m From Barcelona – Always Spring by I’m from Barcelona

Im-From-Barcelona-LP-forever-today-cover(Forever Today is available now from Mute Records)

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