de Montevert: “Skyll På Mig”


Fully convinced this song is all about buying shoelaces.  de Montevert’s  Ellinor Nilsson is a rather elusive chameleon, making music of every kind while hidden away in bedrooms.  But we’re very excited she’s ventured out.  The Wounded Jukebox selected her as one of 2011’s Women to Watch  back in January when she was label-less and without an official release to her name.  Now, signed to Nomethod Records, a bonified single is all set to be released on May 30th!  How exciting!  “Skyll på mig”, (roughly translated to “Blame It On Me”) is a funky bit, sung in Swedish and theoretically all about the vast variety of shoelace colors.  And in the companion video, a girl (not Nilsson) is featured in all sorts of emotional turmoil about what kind of shoelaces to buy, biking all over town, asking for advice from her man and taking a swell ride in a Ferris Wheel to think about it.

Here’s the absolute most probable lyrics:

Bum bum bum bum,
bum bum bum bum.
I ran out of shoelaces today,
I’m gonna go out and buy some,
I’m ready with my shoelace dossier.
But with these new shoes,
It could be an all day affair
An all day affair.
Bum bum bum bum,
bum bum bum bum.
Gonna take my sweet bike and ride downtown,
gonna wear my table cloth scarf.
Called my Svedson,
he’s gonna meet me there.
Aww Svedson’s new haircut makes him look like a twice shy rodeo clown.
Bum bum bum bum,
bum bum bum bum.
Which ones should I buy?
There’s red ones and blue ones,
there’s magenta and polka dotted ones.
I just don’t know what I’ll do,
There’s so many to try.

*Without flaw and perfect as they are, if perchance THESE ARE NOT CORRECT, then you can Skyll på mig.*

Skyll på mig by de montevert

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Cat Jones (alternate version) by de montevert

skyllweb (The Skyll på mig EP  is available 5/30/11)

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