Hospital Ships: “Honey, Please”

He might not be a household name, but Jordan Geiger’s got the musical chops to strike out on his own. Geiger’s been a member of some lovely indie bands, namely The Appleseed Cast, Shearwater and Minus Story. And now his solo project, Hospital Ships, seems poised to grab those same fans by the heart and never let them go. That is, if “Honey, Please” is any indication.

The song is laced with a gorgeous piano melody. It bounces along, peaking through the high-hat drums, chimes and Geiger’s capable tenor. I actually picture a band drifting through the clouds, whimscially recounting old girlfriends and the stupid things they did to lose them. At times, “Honey, Please” reminds me of early Menomena, Radical Face or Photo Album-era Death Cab. Geiger’s voice is similar to Ben Gibbard’s, but a bit more ragged. And that’s a good thing, and it’s partly due to the joyous noise surrounding everything.

“Honey, Please” is the latest single from Lonely Twin, which is out June 7 on Graveface. BONUS! Check out the raucous “Love Or Death,” also from Lonely Twin.

Hospital Ships – Honey, Please by The Wounded Jukebox

Hospital Ships – Love or Death by The Wounded Jukebox

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