When Saints Go Machine: “Kelly”

WSGM_byEmilHartvig2Of COURSE they’re Danish.  It always turns out this way.  My abusive love affair with Scandinavian music lives on.  I’m gonna kick that country to the curb one of these days.  But with When Saints Go Machine, it certainly won’t be today.  The quartet of childhood friends began making music together in 2007, smashing onto the scene with dance rhythms but evolving quickly into a Poptronica spirit that flits and floats in the most seductive of ways.  We first featured the group with their video for “Add Ends” a week back, and we were subsequently guided to a romping cherry-popper entitled “Kelly”. It features traces of WSGM’s dance past, and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild has a vocal presence on the song that might well impregnate my summer with solo fits of backyard lawn dancing.  At night.  Possibly naked.  Closed eyes to the Moon.  See what Scandinavian music does to me?

Download “Kelly” below, and visit their SoundCloud page for loads more free stuff.

Pick Up Your Tears And Run by When Saints Go Machine

51PJYpg2V7L._SS500_ (Konkylie is available 6/7/11 from !K7 Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [SoundCloud] [Twitter]



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