Eleanor Friedberger: “My Mistakes”

eleanor-friedberger The sister half of the Fiery Furnaces has finally struck out on her own, all dressed up and set on makin’ it big.  Of course it’s only fair she gets some alone time, her brother Matthew is releasing eight solo albums this year.  Eight (more on that here).  Eleanor was spurred to independence during the recording on the Fiery Furnaces last album; Take Me Round Again, on which Matthew and Eleanor each chose their own songs to interpret and reinvent.  And throughout the Indie band’s 9 albums, there have been quite a few leftover songs that Eleanor had written but saved for later.  They were waiting for a more exclusive stage it seems.  Truth be told, in the past I’ve found the sibling band somewhat cartoony, like a reoccurring 70’s Saturday morning show for children.  If I was more in touch with my inner me, perhaps I’d get it.  But I’m terribly superficial.

Yet that’s what makes my love for Ms. Friedberger’s solo work all the more surprising and wonderful.  “My Mistakes” is the very first single from her forthcoming debut; Last Summer (out July 12th).  The song starts with a leap straight out the door and a jovial step onto a sidewalk during a sunny afternoon.  A brisk piano pace and popping keyboard colors give “My Mistakes” the ability to make you feel altogether too sedentary.  You might have thoughts like, “Why am I not running and smiling at clouds?”  Or, “I could so be laughing and hopping over toys on the ground right now”.  And with a killer Saxophone solo towards the end, added to Eleanor’s talent for enticing songwriting, it closes with resonance.  It’s fun, not gimmicky, and that makes “My Mistakes” a replayable thing.

Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes by The Wounded Jukebox

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Charmaine Champagne – The Fiery Furnaces by ladufurrena

The Fiery Furnaces – Worry Worry by marinak

eleanorlastsummer (Last Summer is available 7/12/11 from Merge Records)

[Official Website] [Label Page]



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