Video: Lucknow Pact – “Waiting In The Sun”

Lucknow_Pact_WITS_hires_1Markus Hasselblom (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Mischa hayman (guitars, vocals) and Tammy Karlsson (drums) are Lucknow Pact, a vastly underrated commodity from Gothenburg, Sweden.  Their new single “Waiting In The Sun” is the jingle jangle to the bell toll to the beginning of your summer.  It’s official.  You can flip-flop around the workplace with tan-lines of superb-itude now.  But it’s the video the Swedish trio made for the single that ganders my goose.  It’s amazingly wonderful in its bonkers simplicity.  Markus, the lead singer for the band, and the man in white described it to me this way.

We made the video in a nearby park here in Gothenburg at 8 o’clock in the morning.  We had an idea that it would be like a headbangers ball but backwards. So we came up with the idea to do a horizontal headbang. Just trying lose all your limbs and just shake. We all got it except maybe for Mischa (the guy in black) who looked more like a blind man on speed. Fantastic! (He’s gonna kill me for saying that, hehe) The video was shot in 10 second intervals, for that was all we could in order to not get a headache and bad hair.

For experimental reasons, I tried this dance in my backyard while waiting for my dog to poo.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  You start to feeeeeel the length of your arms and seeeeeee the motion around your head.  It’s ridiculously fun.  Just like the song.  Watch the wildly inventive video and download the song below!

Lucknow Pact – Waiting in the sun by The Wounded Jukebox


Markus Hasselblom also has made some music on his own, and it’s quite good.


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