Fool’s Gold: “Street Clothes”

This band might be from LA but their sound is definitely global with African and South American influence. Think of an international Talking Heads as guitar is layered over synths in rhythms that will make you dance. Add some horns, a little wailing and you’ve got yourself a band that encompasses summer.

Fool’s Gold’s sophomore album Leave No Trace is out August 16 (Catch the announcement video below). Feature track “Street Clothes” was recently released and shows the promise of this upcoming album. Upbeat guitar opens along with a steady drum pattern and bass building the song’s skeleton. Next comes in the spiraling layers of synth, singer Luke Horn’s voice and a funky sax makes this song catchy. The song’s lyrics often repeat which allows the listener to quickly catch on: What you are not what you say/ what you say not what you are. This is only accented by Horn’s occasional yelp.

Stream “Street Clothes” below, and hop on over to their official page to download this track for freeeeeeeeee.

Friends don’t let friends dance alone.

Fool’s Gold – Street Clothes by iamsoundrecords

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