Remixed: Everything Everything – “Final Form”

13 There’s nothing that’s not in Everything Everything.  The English lords of the falsetto croon beg you to inspect their craft up close.  At every angle, their songs are full of instrumental prowess and lyrical quandaries.  Even though their Man Alive was officially released back in September of 2010, we’re still getting spoon-fed the goodness.  This time, it’s in the form of a remix contest for their last single to be released: the appropriately titled “Final Form.”  Everything Everything invited any and all to take a crack at rehashing the song that normally sets itself on a beautifully lazy track.  But with some of the new versions, we get to hear the broadest of interpretations with a great result.  You can listen to the original track and our favorite remixes below, but visit their Facebook page for more information and the band’s SoundCloud page to see the shortlist of all the finalists!

Everything Everything – Final Form by EverythingEverything

Everything Everything – Final Form (Jop remix) by Josh Hill

Everything Everything – Final Form (Shlomi.Zdk & Mnykin Remix) by MnyKin


Pronounced “My Keys, Your Boyfriend”

Photoshop Handsome by The Mute


51TIBo5tF5L._SS400_ (Man Alive is available now from Polydor UK)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Myspace] [Twitter]



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