Bachelorette: Bachelorette (S/T)

light-copy Annabel Alpers, as if that weren’t a proper sounding moniker on it’s own, is known as Bachelorette, the very best single lady in the field of Electronica today.  This is not because she’s the most talented, though with a post-graduate degree from the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland in New Zealand for computer-based composition you might say she’s certainly over-qualified for the role.  Instead, she’s the best because she IS electronic.  I’m fully convinced she’s formed of blinking lights and binary signals.  Her music sounds as if her soul resides in a massive computer, her deeply accented voice full of equations and computations.  The richness of her layered vocals really makes it feel like you’re hunkered down in front of a screen of a thousand pairs of lips, all framing her words that speak of sought love and inescapable urges.  Having said that, Bachelorette is actually the most human record yet.

Alpers has released an EP (The End of Things) and three really fantastic long-players (listen to all here!).  The newest is the self-titled; set to be released June 7th in the U.S., but now available now at her site for cheaps.  It’s hard to top the masterpieces of “The National Grid” from My Electronic Family (2009) or “A Lifetime” off Isolation Loops (2008).  Everything she’s made has been firmly rooted in dream worlds of cyberspace.  Fantastical sojourns into the digital.  But the album sets off with a firm image of life on Earth in mind.  “Grow Old With Me” descends like a slowly floating feather from heaven, and throughout, we never quite seem to get back there.  Like Q showing Picard scenes of humanity’s worth, pictures of Mormons in prayer and home-video recordings of Christmas carols, fireworks of a mortal life.  “Light Seekers” is a 1870’s ball, full of pride and prejudice.  “Waveforms” is a doting mother’s hand on her child.  There are some futuristic moments as well: album standouts “Blanket” and “Polarity Party” shine metallically.  There’s a grand mixture of time and memory in the music of Bachelorette.  And for this one album, we witnessed a machine having human dreams.

This man has some sweet moves.

Bachelorette – Blanket by souterraintransmissions

Bachelorette – Polarity Party by dhash


Mindwarp by Bachelorette by mysterygirlmanagement


(Bachelorette is available now)

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