The Trophy Fire: “The Last American Phone Booth”

The Trophy FireSome good old fashioned rock for you now.  The Trophy Fire are a San Francisco hook driven group that just finished recording their sophomore effort (yet unnamed), due out September of 2011.  But before then, they have a 6-song EP entitled Armor to offer you.  Speaking as one that often ventures into the rock arenas, but rarely stays for long, I can tell you that it’s full of the catchiest power hooks I’ve heard in a long time.  “The Last American Phone Booth” is an excellent example of this.  Ben Flanagan’s vocals are easy on the ears, in a Jimmy Eat World kind of way, and brothers Adam and John Schuman slide beneath and then leap out of the layers of the song at all the best moments.  The Trophy Fire have the potential to become contrite, but with Armor they run the gambit perfectly; full of lyrics with depth and a great sound to keep the seats in the arena warm.

The Trophy Fire – The Last American Phone Booth by The Wounded Jukebox

Armor Tracklist:
01. Glow
02. Armor
03. The Last American Phone Booth
04. Chasing The Ghost
05. Lies
06. Bend

Armor(The Armor EP is available 6/14/11 from Greyday Records)

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