Fan Modine: “Through The Valley”

It’s not hard to imagine that Gordon Zacharias could some day be writing the scores for delectable indie movies. To my knowledge, he hasn’t done any soundtrack work. But from the church bells and waves of fuzz that begin “Through The Valley” to the bouncing piano and string-laden melody that rattles and hums throughout the tune, it’s clear that these songs are telling a story. And that’s before you even start paying attention to Zacharias’ whimsical, melancholy lyrics — the kind of tales that belie the joyful noise that fills every inch of the music.

These are the kind of songs that have me convinced my next-door neighbors could be writing and playing beautifully poignant music in his basement. One day I’ll say “I heard him strum that song on the porch one summer. He hadn’t left the house for days and all we heard was his band coming and going every day, after hours of really intense practice. We couldn’t tell if it was any good. And then one day, he just sat down on the porch swing and belted out the loveliest tune. And that’s when we knew.”

Songs like “Through The Valley” and the second track we offer here, “Julu Road,” restore one’s faith that there are hard-working, great musicians still yet to be discovered. Both of the songs below are from Fan Modine’s first album in nearly six years, Gratitude For The Shipper, which dropped last Tuesday on Daniel 13 Press.

Fan Modine – Through The Valley by The Wounded Jukebox

Fan Modine – Julu Road by The Wounded Jukebox 

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