Video: 1,2,3 – Work

When the dynamic duo known as 1,2,3 signed to Frenchkiss Records in recent months, I was ecstatic. Not just because the debut record from one of my favorite bands of 2010 now had solid label support. But because when we interviewed drummer Josh Sickels last year, he seemed like such a down-t0-earth dude. It warms my heart to bring our readers the video for that debut’s first single, entitled “Work.”

The video seems like a tribute to Pittsburgh, the blue-collar city that Sickels and lead singer/guitarist Nic Snyder grew up in and still consider home. It begins with gray-skied big-picture views of the city’s well-known and hidden landmarks and zeroes in on the hard-working people that make the city tick. Sickels and Snyder don hard hats and get their hands dirty too, but the video puts them in those midwestern after-work and weekend haunts as well: The bowling alleys, the local bars, the record stores, the greasy spoons. It’s a love letter to the Steel City, and it warmed my heart.

1,2,3’s debut record New Heaven is out June 21 on Frenchkiss, and the pre-order bonanza started today. Check out the song and video for “Work” below, and do yourself a favor and get acquainted with these guys — they deserve every bit of success they get. They’ve worked hard.

1,2,3 – Work by The Wounded Jukebox

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