Noah And The Whale: “Tonight’s The Kind Of Night (RAC Mix)”

I feel as though Noah And The Whale’s newest record, Last Night On Earth, has flown completely under the radar. I will admit that the band’s third studio effort didn’t grab me the same way their freshman and sophomore albums did. But there’s plenty to be enjoyed on LNOE, which represents a pretty interesting stylistic departure for the band. They’ve always embraced the pop part of their indie-pop sound, but never as wholeheartedly as on this new record. The songs here go for broke in pretty much every way, using gaudy backing choruses, soaring hooks and wonderful production to do so.

The tracks on Last Night On Earth are ripe for mashing, mixing and dubstepping. One of my favorite remix artists, RAC, has given the band’s song “Tonight’s The Kind Of Night” a dose of his trademark flavor. What I enjoy about RAC’s mixes is that they stay somewhat faithful to the original, but the result is always unmistakably his. And this one is no different. It adds a few layers – keyboards, strings, an enhanced beat — but keeps everything else intact. It’s a solid effort.

Download below.

Noah And The Whale – Tonight’s the Kind Of Night (RAC Remix) by Noah and the Whale

BONUS! A live recording of “Give It All Back,” with its delightfully bouncy keyboard melody, from RAK Studios.

Give It All Back (Live From RAK Studios) by Noah and the Whale 

[Official Site]



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