Beirut: “East Harlem”/ “Goshen”

beirut1This is what makes life good: the unexpected wonderful things.  Today, it’s two brand new songs from Beirut.  The first is “East Harlem”, a new song to us, but an oldy to Zach Condon, who wrote it when he was 17.  He’s featured the song sporadically in shows since 2009, but now it’s all set to be part of the Beirut album.  It’s a sight-seeing walk of a song, full of descriptions from life and hoppy instrumentation.  The bottom side is “Goshen”, an intimate piano march that leads back to a waiting home.  An excellent start to the day.  You can get the East Harlem 7’” at their shows, and physically/digitally June 14th courtesy of Pompeii Records.

*UPDATE!  The album will be called The Rip Tide.*

Watch/Listen to a bunch of the new tracks by clicking on the songs below!

01. “A Candle’s Fire”
02. “Santa Fe”
03. “East Harlem”
04. “Goshen”
05. “Payne’s Bay”
06. “The Rip Tide”
07. “Vagabond
08. “The Peacock”
09. “Port of Call

Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA

(East Harlem is available 6/14/11 from Pompeii/Ba Da Bing Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Myspace]


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