Blue Scholars: Cinemetropolis

The Blue Scholars are one of my favorite hip-hop groups and I had never even heard of them before moving to Seattle. I will just tell you this, if they were from New York, they would be huge, but they take pride in their home city of Seattle. The duo consists of DJ/producer Sabzi and MC Geologic who started in 98118 area code, which is the most diverse area code in the country according to the census. They incorporate their surroundings into their music and create elaborate stories with impeccable flow. Anyone from the Seattle area will be able to pick out the places they talk about. Blue Scholars are staples around the Seattle have performed with Kanye West, De La Soul, Nas and Common, yet still don’t seem to get the credit they deserve. These guys were like Chiddy Band before Chiddy Bang. With intricate and unique beats alongside smooth flow and poetic lyrics, the Blue Scholars are a must listen for people who like rap.

Their newest release Cinemetropolis will be out on June 14th and is already available for digital download here. The album is an excellent addition to their previous albums, including one of my favorites Bayani. Check out some new songs below.

Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis by The Wounded Jukebox

Blue Scholars – Chief Sealth by The Wounded Jukebox

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