Live Cuts: New Bat For Lashes

bat-for-lashes-04-screen  Just this past weekend, Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes and a string quartet performed a 2-night run as part of the annual Vivid Festival in Australia.  Her set was full of covers, ranging from Depeche Mode to the Cure.  Somewhere in between, she debuted a brand new song.  And in a venue like the  Sydney Opera House, it sounds absolutely gorgeous.  Khan is notorious for actually writing songs within her lucid dreams, and this yet untitled work sounds as if it was pulled straight from a beautiful doozy.

Bat For Lashes (New Song, Live @ Vivid Festival, Sydney, Australia) by

Two possible titles for it:


“Here Am I”

Excellent fan vid. Mind the screaming girl two inches from your ear though:

Once again we have to thank.  Be sure to visit their site (and ours!) regularly for more previews like this.




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