Saints of Valory: “Cover Girl”

Every time I hear a talented new band is from Austin, Texas, I long to go back to those three sweltering days I spent in the wonderful college town back in 2009, when I attended the Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park. The city is a hotbed for musical creation and discovery, and the latest batch of songs to pop into our inbox here at TWJ is from alt-rock foursome Saints of Valory.

Plenty of international artists relocate to Austin, but Saints of Valory have an interesting melting pot of a lineup. Lead singer Gavin Jasper is Brazilian, Frenchman Gerard Bouvier pounds the drums and keyboardist Stephen Buckle is Canadian. Godfrey Thomson, on guitar, is the only dude from the US of A. For a band whose members hail from all over the globe, the style here is straightforward. Sugary guitar and key harmonies populate the group’s five-song Neon Eyes EP. The production is solid, the hooks are there and Jasper’s voice is somewhat reminiscent of Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

I chose the song “Cover Girl” for its stripped-down, acoustic approach. The strumming, keyboards handclaps and “whoa-oh” vocals had me at hello. It’s another song for that summer soundtrack I keep mentioning. Check out “Cover Girl” below, and visit the band’s facebook page for more tunes and a free download of another track, “Sweet Disarray.” Enjoy!

Saints of Valory – Cover Girl (Acoustic) by The Wounded Jukebox 

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