Mathieu Santos: “I Can Hear The Trains Coming”

First, the important stuff. This dynamite single from Ra Ra Riot bassist Mathieu Santos’ forthcoming debut 7-inch, entitled “I Can Hear The Trains Coming,” is a beautifully arranged sonic composition. I mean, you’d expect the bass playing to be stellar, which it is. Santos’ pickin’ meanders underneath the entire track. But what’s really impressive about this tune is the keyboards, the atmospheric effects and the melodic, echoing and cable vocals from Santos himself. And then there’s the dreamy vibe the song exudes from its pores from start to finish. The funky frolic never gets old, and this Santos side-project that I was previously unaware of has become something I’m really looking forward to. The 7-inch shares its moniker with the title track, and it’s out July 26th on Old Flame Records.

The unimportant stuff? I am a huge fan of the Aaron Sorkin-led early 2000’s show “The West Wing.” During the final seasons of the show, the presidential hopeful and eventual president-elect’s name was Matthew Santos. Now, I know THIS Santos spells it Mathieu, but I must say that’s what drove me to listen to “I Can Hear The Trains Coming.” Once again, my all-time favorite show does not disappoint. And neither does Mathieu Santos. Download the song below.

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