Vetiver: “Wonder Why”

There’s never been anything overly complicated about the songs that Andy Cabic has written. Vetiver’s early output was the kind of wonderful indie-folk you could immediately wrap your head around, and that worked quite well. There was always a solid structure — a good melody, even pacing and honest lyrics — underneath any walls with pretty pictures hanging on them.

With the first two singles from Vetiver’s new album The Errant Charm, it’s apparent the band’s sound is growing slightly more varied without losing that solid structure. Both “Can’t You Tell,” which we brought you a month ago, and new track “Wonder Why” would fit well in backyard summer barbecues: The kind that go until it’s a little too dark to see everyone your chatting with, and the fireflies start showing up before you take the chit-chat to the front porch or light a bonfire for the night.

It’s the kind of music that fades into the background at first, but you don’t realize it’s grown roots inside your head. And then you hear it in the car a week later and realize you know all the words and can hum along with the melody. It’s subtly good. But man, is it good.

Download “Wonder Why” free below, courtesy of Sub Pop!

Vetiver – Wonder Why by subpop 

(The Errant Charm is available 6/13/11 from Sub Pop records)

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