Team Me: “Dear Sister”

Without a doubt, the greatest part of running a blog like this is the stellar stuff that simply falls into our laps via the inbox. All the searching that we do can miss plenty of wonderful music, and Norwegian indie-pop outfit Team Me is the kind of band that makes me smile to discover. “Dear Sister,” the song the band is currently offering for free is put together incredibly well.

Three of the band’s six members list “pling-plong,” as one of their instruments, and man does Team Me pling-plong well. The bouncing chimes carry “Dear Sister” throughout, along with rat-a-tat percussion and killer guitar riffs blended so seamlessly you might not even notice there are several at work. It’s a sound reminiscent of another TWJ favorite, Freelance Whales, in that there’s that sort of racing-heart urgency to the band’s sound, and yet, no piece feels rushed or out of place. The song is a real treat, and I have a feeling it might stay on my playlists throughout the year.

Team Me – Dear Sister by The Wounded Jukebox

(The Team Me EP is out now on Propeller Recordings)

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