Gardens & Villa: “Black Hills”


Montages of ants marching and Toucans bobbing their heads.  They would be artistically done, but those are the scenes I see when I hear something like Gardens & Villa’s “Black Hills”.  Of course I’m properly kooked and well ached, so my thoughts aren’t those to document these days.  But such naturalistic scenes aren’t a poor thing, they are instead wondrous sights to behold in our much larger world.  The song slows things the heck down and calls attention to the tiniest of movements and sparks of color.  The band’s name, wrought from the street they live on in Santa Barbra, belies a sundrenched vision of things cared for.  As if each leaf the wind blows is watched and guarded.  The band says their music is inspired by “coco vibes”, which would invariably be the art of doing things in no hurry and from the chaise lounge on your pool-side patio.  “Black Hills” dances for a bit, but then returns, quite tenaciously, to the reclined position.

Gardens & Villa Black Hills by INDIGENOUSPromotions

Of course this Ulysses///Onasis directed clip from the remake of E.T. flies in the face of what I interpreted, but it’s swell nonetheless.

Gardens & Villa Orange Blossom by INDIGENOUSPromotions

Photo by David Mount. Courtesy of MOTORMOUTHMEDIA.(The self-titled Gardens & Villa is available now from Secretly Canadian Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Bandcamp]



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