Satellite Stories: “Family”

satellite-stories-promo-2-smallParty Indie is typified by what it allows to occur: goofy smiles, sunglasses worn indoors and wonderfully quaint dance moves in front of that attractive-one-over-there.  The tunes from Oulu, Finland band Satellite Stories allow you to do all of that alone in your bedroom if you so efficiently choose.  The band released their three song Promo EP last year to a rapid succession of accolades, and it wasn’t until June 14th they self-released a new song called “Family”.  And what a year does.  The song hasn’t grown up (they’ve kept the youthful glare apparent), it’s grown out; expanding into falsetto country and narrative territory.  It’s the perfect song to dance in your floppy flannels to.  It makes me want to bring Satellite Stories and Los Campesinos together in a living room and let them have at it in a brash flinging of accents and bangs.

Satellite Stories – Family by satellitestories

A low-quality demo of another new song on the way called “Arrest Me”.  As you’ll notice, it doesn’t deviate from the familiar up-tempo sway.

Satellite Stories – Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro by satellitestories

51SzZXT YiL._SS500_ (The Family single is available now)

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