Pepper Rabbit: “Rose Mary Stretch”

The cat’s out of the bag with Pepper Rabbit’s single off of their new album Red Velvet Snow Ball (due out in early August). The LA duo is at it again with their song “Rose Mary Stretch,” an emotionally charged ditty about the end of a relationship.  This track keeps with the band’s peppy west coast vibe and hopefully is a sneak peak at what their upcoming album will sound like.

The song starts off playfully comparing a relationship to a closed kitchen but manages to launch into a more stringent description of the apparent breakup: Don’t take care and don’t even write/ You won’t see my face again after tonight. I caught myself listening to this over and over again to hear the lyrics. Pepper Rabbit is currently touring the country. You’re likely to catch this song plus others from their new album.

The verdict: the casting off of a past relationship never sounded so spunky.

Rose Mary Stretch by Pepper Rabbit

(Pepper Rabbit’s Red Velvet Snow Ball is due out August 9 on Kanine Records)

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