Video: Wiretree — “The Shore”

Yet another band from the musical mecca that Austin, Texas has become. Wiretree is a foursome led by frontman Kevin Peroni, and they make solid indie guitar rock reminiscent of The La’s, The Shins or The Thermals. If that’s not enough “The’s” for ya, here’s another: the first single from Wiretree’s forthcoming nine-track LP Makeup, which is being self-released and slated to drop August 1, is called “The Shore.” It’s a stomping, melodic romp that’s catchy as hell and a lot of fun to boot. Peroni’s wife Rachel (bass) and his two friends Joshua Kaplan (guitar) and Daniel Blanchard (drums) rock out for a quick 2 minutes and 36 seconds of awesomeness. And then there’s the video!

Eric Power directed this shadow animation gem, which takes the band’s paper cutout selves through an underwater adventure in a submarine, where they encounter pirates and duke it out with the scallywags using their torpedoes. As I understand it, shadow animation consists of a backlit background using various colors based on the story setting, then carefully crafted solid paper cutouts provide the set pieces and characters. Power has done a handful of music videos, and this one is just as much fun as the song sounds.

My favorite piece of the video is the launch of the pirate ships’ cannonballs and the response from Wiretree’s submarine torpedo chutes. It’s just great to see the parts in motion to create the visuals here, which are really fantastic. From the shifty-eyed closeup and parachute landing at the beginning to the epic paper battle at the end, it’s thoroughly entertaining. Apparently Power and Peroni hashed out the idea over drinks, and the rest is shadow-animation history.

Check out the video and download the song below, and pre-order the album from Wiretree’s Bandcamp page as well. Enjoy!

Wiretree – The Shore by The Wounded Jukebox

[Bandcamp]  [Facebook]  [Official Site]



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