Mammal Club: “Otter”

197884_10150140355403431_78380343430_6515548_6260561_n During my freshman year of high school, I played tuba in the marching band.  And believe it or not, it was a pretty cool experience.  Granted, I quit the instrument and the band after that year, but during the span of my introduction to high school, I marched around on a field in uniform and a 45 pound foghorn on my shoulders.  There was always this group of other players that were collectively and dismissively called the “Pit Crew”.  They were the 10 or so odd people who played the bells, chimes, xylophones and cowbells: all the things you couldn’t really carry around in formation.  And because they were often seen as the bottom of the totem pole in terms of band hierarchy, my impressions of such instruments has been vastly skewed.  On “Otter” by the Everything Everything/Born Ruffians hybrid Mammal Club, the xylophone is featured as the central pivoting point in the whirlwind tune.  Debris in the form of randomized vocal stylings and and haphazard snare swirl around, but the xylophone makes the most sense of it all, keeping a steady pace.  Perhaps the Pit Crew did more for us than we ever realized.  But I’ll never know.  Because I’m never going near a tuba again.  Things weigh a ton.

Mammal Club – Otter by everybodysstalking

A very well done fan vid for the song named after the best nonfictional animal ever.

The other tunes from Mammal Club’s debut EP Au.
Mammal Club – Hang by everybodysstalking

Mammal Club – Picket by everybodysstalking

Mammal Club – Out Of The Playground by everybodysstalking

au_ep_peg(The Au EP is available now from Everybody’s Stalking Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Myspace]



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