Nurses: “Fever Dreams”


For bands, often the first record is the result of whole lives of inspiration and dedication.  An artist could combine 10 years worth of life into the feelings tempered in the songs.  So when the time comes for a second effort, musicians sometimes have nowhere else to go but new/different/up.  On Portland’s Nurses upcoming sophomore album, Dracula, they found themselves itching for things more tangible.  Regarding that, band member Aaron Chapman had this to say:

“After making that record (debut Apple’s Acre) we became way more interested in the more physical aspects of life – solid, real things. Mainly the human form.  Dancing and playing basketball.  Beats. How rhythm speaks to the body. Dracula feels like it has more of a physical presence to us.”

And there’s a tighter, more purposeful feel in the new songs.  Perhaps this is what moving into a winter cabin on the Oregon coast will do for you: with little distraction, intentions can be distilled down to an essence.  On album opener “Fever Dreams”, an image of a lighted wire winding through the darkness leads you on into a direction unknown.  The thunderous guitars roar in the background, the pacing percussion your echoing footsteps.  Chapman’s vocals are that bright, thin wire weaving through the storm.

Nurses – Fever Dreams by The Wounded Jukebox

Look for Dracula out September 20th, 2011

Dracula Tracklisting:
Fever Dreams
You Lookin’ Twice
Extra Fast
Through the Window
So Sweet
Trying to ReachYou
New Feelings
Wouldn’t Tell
Dancing Grass
Gold Jordan
Eternal Thrills


Clip for the single “Winter” from their debut, Apple’s Acre.


(Dracula is available 9/20/11 from Dead Oceans Records)

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