Pitch To Fit: Battles

Battles is not for the faint of heart.

Electro-experimental noise band Battles (is that even a genre?) is at it again with their second full-length album Gloss Drop. Their sound is frantic, fractured, almost combative but constantly evolving into a lively listening experience. A majority of the tracks are instrumental where the keyboards almost appear to take on the role of a voice. But vocals aren’t given the back seat in this album with tracks like “My Machines” (featuring Gary Numan) and “Ice Cream” (featuring Matias Aquayo) adding another complex element to the band’s sound.

Check out their almost NSFW music video for “Ice Cream” below, complete with girls licking various inanimate objects (my favorite is the pinecone). Watching the video made me imagine the internal struggle of the psyche as one eats vanilla and chocolate ice cream. But you be the judge.

Drum. Guitar. Keyboard. This now trio creates a sound that is both unique and surprisingly catchy. The band will be interesting to watch as they translate their sound into a festival atmosphere. I look forward to the jerky, hypnotic dancing that will likely ensue when they take the stage on Friday.

Pitch to Fit is a series highlighting the acts performing at 2011′s Pitchfork Music Festival.  For more information visit pitchforkmusicfestival.com

Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) by BATTLES

Battles – My Machines (Featuring Gary Numan) by daftdreamy

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