Video: Anna Calvi – “Desire”

Anna Calvi June 2011 credit Emma Nathan lo-resI weeded a garden for three hours with Anna Calvi’s “Desire” playing on repeat.  They were corn stalk sized weeds mind you, the result of weeks of rain and a season of neglect, so it was more manly than you might think.  I broke two trowels, endured a bumble bee sting, and found four spider bites afterword.  And the only reason I survived all this, was due to the song’s giddy adrenaline inducing power.  With bass drum, harmonium, guitar and mountain cracking vocals, it can changeaman.  Now, with a brilliantly produced video by Aoife McArdle, our eyes can be riddled by the brilliance too.  Now, we can see as Calvi’s words are chopped and spat by her teeth and red lips.  Now we can see the crashing waves, the light leaks, the religious symbolism, the gypsy fortune teller’s atrium and the other images that fit the song so absolutely spot-on.  It’s a shame we already did a mid-year list of best videos, cause this one would be among ’em.

The Desire single, which was released June 20th, included a special version of the song, as well as a haunting instrumental cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Joan of Arc”.  Listen to both below.

Desire (7″ single version) by Anna Calvi

Joan Of Arc by Anna Calvi

anna-calvi-album-cover-600x600(The self-titled Anna Calvi is available now from Domino Records)

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