Wilco: “I Might” / “I Love My Label”

wilco-studio-color-masterFor the moment, my extreme love for Chicago’s Wilco will go deliberately unsaid.  They are my absolute favorite for a vast and great many reasons.  Let’s stick to the facts shall we then?  The Solid Sound Festival kicked off its second festival season last night with a performance by The Books.  But Wilco also kicked off it’s exclusive sale for the brand new 7” for “I Might”.  The perks of running your own festival right?  The tune is quintessentially and deeply self-doubting like all good Tweedy songs are, but it’s surrounded by a pure instrumental happiness not seen since Summer Teeth.  Backing do-do-do’s and carnival organ refrains cast colored lights upon a lonely man’s dance.  “I Might” has the potential to be completely transformed if ever performed solo (see: “It’s alright/ You won’t set the kids on fire/ But I might”).  And that’s something all Wilco fans cross their fingers for.

The 7” is the very first release for their own label, dBpm, and it subsequently includes a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label” on the bottom.  You can pre-order the vinyl, out July 18th, in either blue or black, here.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like Lady Gaga, but it’s our way of being obnoxious.”

-Jeff Tweedy on “I Might”

Wilco – I Might by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Wilco – I Love My Label by The Line Of Best Fit


Earlier this spring, Jeff Tweedy made some rounds with new material.  Here are two more new potential Wilco songs that may be included on the record tentatively titled Get Well Soon Everybody.

And a song titled “Born Alone”

Jeff Tweedy (New Song, Live) by TwentyFourBit.com

wilco-i-might-e1307682833224 (The I Might single is available 7/18/11 from dBpm Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Myspace] [LastFM]



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