Future Islands: “Before the Bridge”

Future-Island-1-573x382You ready for a love song?  No, neither am I.  Rough night.  Well, how bout an operatic song about recollection with plenty of “what if”?  Perfect.  Anyone who knows of the Baltimore band Future Islands has glowing things to say.  We at The Wounded Jukebox thought last year’s In Evening Air was one of the best releases of the whole gosh darn 2010.  One of the most unexpected delightful surprises we’ve ever had.  And that’s why it’s so exciting to see a brand new release in the form of a double-sided 7”.  Before the Bridge / Find Love brought the band back to their North Carolina home to record with Chester Endersby Gwazda, the same man who produced In Evening Air.  The release features a mirror opposite of tracks; “Before the Bridge” is love-lorn/love-lost and “Find Love” is promised to be a happy hit ready for the summer’s dance floors.  The A-side has been released as a free download, but they’re both due for a July 19th release, which you can pre-order from Thrill Jockey Records now.

Future Islands – Before the Bridge by thrilljockey

A decent fan vid of an intimate “Before the Bridge” performance.


Future Islands – Tin Man by The Wounded Jukebox

Future Islands – Walking Through That Door by snipelondon

And Future Islands recently had all their gear stolen, including the laptop that had every synth and backing track on it.  So it wouldn’t hurt to visit them at a show and give some support.  They are currently in the middle of a four month tour that takes them from Cincinnati, Ohio all the way to Celje, Slovakia.

Future-Islands-Before-The-Bridge-7-Inch (The Before the Bridge 7” is available 7/19/11 from Thrill Jockey Records)

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