Barricades Rise: “Making Faces From Clouds”

British folk-rock duo Barricades Rise enjoy playing house shows, according to their Facebook page. I’m fairly certain that if these guys played at a house party, everyone would leave exhausted, sweaty and full of joy. And it’s songs like “Making Faces From Clouds,” from the band’s latest LP All I Have Is Here, that makes me pretty confident I’m right.

One could make comparisons to Mumford & Sons — the storyteller vibe, the guitar and banjo picking and the irresistible melodies of their Britfolk brethren are all there — but there’s a rough-edged quality to Barricades Rise that gives the music a remarkably genuine feel. It’s as if you can hear how much effort the pair put into playing and recording these songs. And that’s what sucked me in first, before the song truly took hold. “Making Faces From Clouds” could make your day, if you let it.

Jonathan Coates and Michael McEntee have been playing in different bands together for 15 years, and All I Have Is Here  is available now on Bandcamp. It’s a really well-done record, and you wouldn’t regret buying it, much like you wouldn’t regret booking these guys to play on your porch or in your living room. Check out “Making Faces From Clouds” below.

Barricades Rise – Making Faces From Clouds by The Wounded Jukebox

[Facebook]  [Bandcamp]  [Official Site]



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  1. #1 by Allison Rizk on June 28, 2011 - 8:28 PM

    I’m such a sucker for this kind of music. Love it!

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