Milo Greene: “Silent Way” / “Autumn Tree”

milo_greene_1 They’ve been teasing their fans that they would release new music soon, and now they finally have.  Two more songs by the Los Angeles quintet Milo Greene have found their way to us.  They’re no less beautiful than what we’ve heard before, but  “Silent Way” and “Autumn Tree” are the opposite side of the shown coin.  If the past ecstatic “1957” and “Don’t You Give Up On Me” were sunlit flashes, the new songs are the night time equivalents.  “Silent Way” is a solitary mulling of the future and the changes it will inevitably bring.  It boasts banjo backed harmonies throughout the whole of the song, giving a southern feel and a choral hymn resonance.   “Autumn Tree” describes scenes from past seasons, and aches in the way those memories can hold you captive.

The more they reveal, the more Milo Greene sound like they’re ready to give us a fantastic debut record.  And there’s been an ever increasing buzz around them, earning mentions and recommendations from blogs and bands alike.  Stay tuned, you can be sure we’ll let you know about anything new as soon as we do!

For now, treat your ears to the brand new songs!

Silent Way by MiloGreene

Autumn Tree by MiloGreene


Sneak peek at another new song “Cutty Love”.  Mind the brief sound glitch at 3:45.

Milo Greene – 1957 by buzzbands

Don’t You Give Up On Me by MiloGreene

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