Mire Kay: Fortress EP

Mire Kay With cello and violin light trails that lead you ever towards your personal secret garden, Swedish duo Mire Kay are guides with gorgeous tendencies.  In a Laura Veirs absence,  Emelie Molin and Victoria Skoglund step boldly into place with (forgive me) ethereal and regal manners.  With five amazing songs, their debut EP entitled Fortress transports you to high towers surrounded by the roaring seas and deep forests full of birds in every color.  Opener “Sea Monster” likens a passionate heart to serpentine freedoms and “So You Learned” has blue sky flowing between the transparent gestures.  Title track “Fortress” begins stark black, but grays seep in midway, bringing with them a sense of brightening.  “Industry” reflects the glints that shine off falling tears: illustrating a beautifully tragic scene Bjork would make her home in.  Molin and Skoglund make music that’s rich in deep hues and easily mined for visuals, closer “In Hiding” being no exception.  When their accented harmonies fade, the full-bodies of string and strum crack through the speakers in brilliant, wonderful ways.

Mire Kay – So You Learned by The Wounded Jukebox

Mire Kay – Sea Monster by morrisday

The Wounded Jukebox highly recommends their debut EP Fortress, which is available now on Amazon.com and their Bandcamp page.

MireKayFortress500  (The Fortress EP is available now)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Bandcamp]



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