First Rate People: “Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art”

I tried to resist First Rate People’s new single. I really did. But within 30 seconds, I was hooked. The beat made me tap my toes, the male-female vocal harmonies brought that whimsical feeling up from deep inside. And then the acoustic guitar floated in on the breeze, and I was done for. First Rate People have created a first-rate summer song. It’d be perfect for a cookout or a porch hangout session right at sunset, or a late-night drive with the windows down and the moon roof open to the stars.

As of now, FRP are a septet, but one gets the impression (e.g. the five-person band photo with this post) its members change fairly often; the Canadian group’s lineup is as fluid as its sound. They’ve shown an ability to create a danceable track — first single “Funny Games” was proof of that — and now they’ve given fans a taste of their irresistibly catchy, dreamy pop skills. Grab both below.

First Rate People – Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art by The Wounded Jukebox

First Rate People – Funny Games by The Wounded Jukebox 

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